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Not auto logging into a site

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Re: Not auto logging into a site
Are you sending all the required parameters?  Example:

id : 2
user_id : U330001
roles : user
resource_link_id : kkkk
lis_person_name_family : U330001
lis_person_name_given : U330001
lis_person_contact_email_primary :
context_id : 1
lti_version : LTI-1p0
lti_message_type : basic-lti-launch-request
oauth_callback : about:blank
oauth_consumer_key : EMRLMSconsumer
oauth_version : 1.0
oauth_nonce : 57ab18ccd7a462.96583208
oauth_timestamp : 1470830796
oauth_signature_method : HMAC-SHA1
signature = IOiatS+L3LJzxzuJOji4KUQRB8U=

For example if I remove the 'context_id' I get logged in but see the Moodle dashboard and not the course;  So different combinations of parameters produce unknown, and at times dangerous results.

It is essential the right parameters are sent, even if like resource_link_id they can contain any rubbish you like.


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