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Extra field in reports

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Extra field in reports


How can I add an extra field to an activity report? I mean now I have firstname/lastname and e-mail address and I would like to also have a city. Or instead of adding a new field, can I just change that e-mail address to show a city?



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James Richardson
Re: Extra field in reports

Hello Grzegorz Lecter!

The activity report does not have those fields. Please see image below.

View of the Activity report


It sounds like you are referring to the Grader Report. The Grader report shows the grades with the names of the students and more. It looks like the following.

grader Report in Moodle


If you want custom fields in the Grader report, you can do this in the Grader Report Preferences. See link below.

Changing the Grader Report / Gradebook preferences in Moodle

Other than the grader Report preferences, I am not sure what you are trying to change. If you could give a snapshot or steps to find what you want to change we can help you better. Hope this helps.

James R

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Re: Extra field in reports

Hi James,

I don't really have any grades in my courses, it is only required for a person to view it. So the Activity Completion/Course Completion seems to be what I need - so I can see if someone has seen the course content. 

My problem is that soon I will have like a 1000 people enrolled in the course and I would like to be able to filter the report based on for example a city they are from. I could add everyone to different groups but it would take ages and adding a city field would be great - then I would just export the report to xls and filter it. 

Do you think it can be done?

Thanks in advance smile

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