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OpenMeetings on Moodle: blank iframe

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OpenMeetings on Moodle: blank iframe
Thank you !Hello,
I’ve just installed OpenMeetings. And it works without Moodle.
But when I try to launch it with the plugin 1.5, the application crashes, and displays the Apache picture at the top. And after, nothing is happening. I have just a blank iframe with the picture.
When I disconnect my OpenMeeting server, I have the information message so the application is working, but without commands.
I don’t understand what’s happening...
I’m working on Debian 7,
MySQL 5.5.30
Apache 2.2.22
OpenMeetings 3.0.0.r1477475-30-04-2013_0537
Moodle 2.4.3+ (Build: 20130418)
OpenMeetings Plugin for Moodle 1.5 (2013032500)
Thanks for your help !
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