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Email Problem Moodle 2.4.3+

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Re: Email Problem Moodle 2.4.3+
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Well, that's a start ... but

1. not all VPS's are alike (package offerings) - many have a cap on the number of messages one can send (spamming protection for their network) and

2. there are different Linux distros (Ubuntu/CentOS).

CentOS/Ubuntu/Other?  VPS - hosting provider?  Package (not all provide the same).  Hosting providers many times have FAQ's and how-2's ... not all are setup the same.  Have you consulted hosting providers forums?

Generic commands seeking an MTA (mail transfer agent - a must have even if you set up Moodle to use SMTP correctly):

ps aux |grep sendmail

ps aux |grep postfix

ps aux |grep exim

OR use

whereis sendmail

whereis postfix

whereis exim

To test the sending of mail from server, one could install something like alpine - text based command line mailer.  Config it and send a test message to yourself.

Have you checked server logs?  (the following for CentOS) found normally in /var/log:


or apache logs ... normally found in /var/log/httpd/


'spirit of sharing', Ken

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