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A story that is not about cars...

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Re: A story that is not about cars...

Hello Visvanath,

Thank you for responding and sorry for my belated reply. I was looking for some exposure and new ideas for the analogy in the blog.

The situation is, as it is often, that commercial suppliers target management, which is usually where the money is and not where the expertise lies. Moodle on the other hand is often introduced from the bottom up by the people who have the expertise, but then have to convince management.

As I wrote above, the analogy in the blog article was meant to make the differences between Moodle and the competing commercial solution clear to managers who do not know the particulars of either learning environment.

What has happened, and I still chuckle when I think about it, is that the CEO of the company supplying the commercial VLE in question became aware of the blog article due to the increasing interest it generated. He took offence at the comparison made in the blog and contacted all our managers to complain. In doing so he ensured that everyone in our management was made aware of the issues, which was exactly what I had hoped to achieve with the blog! big grin

Now, all we can hope for is that management will make the right decision with the facts in hand.


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