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A story that is not about cars...

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Re: A story that is not about cars...
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Serves me right I suppose... Your story is fine Paul, I really did get the point straight away, it is clear and obvious. It is actually a good analogy. It is my sense of humour that is causing you confusion - sorry about that..shyblush 

I was a professional driver for more than 10 years, and came to understand cars, and really dislike them for all those reasons mentioned and more. I use a car, not because I want to but because I have to. For me, they are all

I would suggest the comparison of a home and an office block. My home is noisy, messy at times, can be added to, and was, because I wanted to, and is loved. My office block is functional, it is fixed and souless, a lot of people use it but most of them really dislike it. My home is often filled with music and laughter and colour, my office is dull, colourless and boring. If it wasn't for the people in my office I would be driven crazy by the banality of the place. The difference is, I own my home, I am responsible for it. I cannot own my office, there I am not in control of much. I do what I want in my home because I can, I do nothing but work in my office because I must. I can be inventive, and clever and creative in my home, and be encouraged in doing so. In my office, I am limited by so many factors I can barely breath at times. In the end, I actually do much beter work at home than I do my office. So where would I prefer to be? 

In your situation though, this is not much of an analogy - not as good as the cars one, anyway. 


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