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Move away from eaccelerator for your opcode cache needs

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Move away from eaccelerator for your opcode cache needs
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As has been covered many times on this forum, using an opcode cache can make a dramatic difference to Moodle CPU performance, i've seen up to 50% improvement on some servers.

In the Moodle 1.x days a lot of people were using eaccelerator, as this was one of the best options at the time. Over time the 'official' php alternative, APC has become a lot more robust and widespread.

We've recently discovered some bugs (MDL-39432, MDL-36060) when Moodle is used with eaccelerator. Upon investigation, there are some major php features which eaccerlator does not support. More concerning than that is that there seems to be no activity from the eaccelerator project to fix the problems and these are bugs which will reach far wider than just moodle.

So this post is just a heads up, to advise you that I would recommend not using eaccelerator if you have the option on a new install or future change. The lack of support and or changes from them indicates the project is not one i'd like to trust my production Moodle install on.

We are looking at whether we should explicitly drop support for eaccelerator in Moodle in the future. You can follow along with that discussion in MDL-39430

cheers, Dan

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Re: Move away from eaccelerator for your opcode cache needs
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Hi Dan,
it is worth to mention XCache too among the up-to-date opcode caches which let Moodle run fine, not for flaming but for completeness wink. WinCache, for Windows environments, could be mention too given the advice that it gave headaches in Moodle in the recent past.


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Re: Move away from eaccelerator for your opcode cache needs

Zend Opcache is going to be including with the PHP 5.5 release and officially supported by PHP:



We are currently running Zend Opcache with PHP 5.4.x and it is working great with Moodle. We experienced major problems with Wincache a few months ago (and the fact that Microsoft doesn't really support the project).

Before it was announced that Zend Opcache was chosen by PHP to be included in the PHP package, we tesed Xcache and it worked well too.

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Re: Move away from eaccelerator for your opcode cache needs

Hello Ryan! 

Could talk details or indicate something about this intalação of ZendOpcache in PHP 5.4?

Already installed on the server, updated the php.ini as recommended Moodle and nothing recognize him at the time of installation. 

Thank you!

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