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videos in description questions

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videos in description questions

I am using v 2.4 and a fellow teacher is also using the same version. He put a video in a description type question in a quiz and has the ability to click on the video and change a setting to allow the pop-up window to stay on top of the quiz so the students can scroll down the quiz and still be able to watch the video. I have tried everything but cannot get the same results. I can get a video on the quiz but it scrolls with the questions. Got any ideas or suggestions.

P.S. My fellow teacher right clicks on the player and it comes up with the option to keep the player on the top. Mine does not have that option.

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Re: videos in description questions

Hi James,

This may be due to the browser your colleague is using, to the location of the video (what tool is in/What player does it open in), or to the code with which he has embedded the video. Check all these three and compare with your situation.


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