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Moodle only for examinations

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Moodle only for examinations

My college doesn't use e-Learning at all, and we do everything the good old way.

Now I want to introduce e-Learning, and I came across moodle during my search for a solution.

As there really is no e-Learning system, everyone will show resistant to adopting new approach, and I can only convince others, if I can show how e-Learning will REALLY help them (teachers and admins).

The best way seems to be online exams, as currently, teachers and admins are too much overloaded with exam works. Then, I will gradually add (or start using) other functionalities. So here is the workflow I propose, and would like to know can moodle handle this, or rather, can I handle this using moodle?

There are six semesters to be cleared for a degree (B. Sc.).

There are 4 subjects. Physics, Chem, Bio, Maths.

Students in Semester 1,2 will have 3 subjects out of above 4, in each semester.

Students in Semester 3,4 will have 2 (from previous 3) subjects, in each semester.

Students in Semester 5,6 will have only 1 (from previous 2) subject, in each semester.

The number of papers will vary from 4-6 every semester.

Respective subject department will conduct tests for their subject.

Now, with this background I expect the following workflow.

1. Student will enroll/register when he/she enters Semester 1. His credentials won't change until he/she gets degree.

2. Student will use his/her login credential only for online exams, which will be open for a limited period say 3 hrs, and conducted within campus on intranet (college LAN)

3. After each exam, a collective mark-sheet of all the students who took the exam can be obtained from moodle stats/reporting.

4. Students can be promoted to next semester upon completion of required grades/credits in all subject papers manually or automatically.

I don't wish to use any other moodle functionality, except student registration and exams/automatic grading, for time being.

Can this be done with moodle?

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Re: Moodle only for examinations

Hello Mitesh

Yes, it can be done via moodle. For more help you can check Moodle docs


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Re: Moodle only for examinations

Hi Mitesh,

The quiz module in Moodle is a powerful tool with many settings that will probably cover all of your needs. 


However, before you consider rolling out Moodle for such large-scale assessment, you need to think about the administration and quiz creation work involved. A couple of years back I campaigned for Moodle to be introduced in the international development charity I worked for, and I was successful - but since then administering our Moodle has become a big part of my job (but I don't have any problem with that). 

If you don't have access to any Moodle system, you can install a Moodle package on your own computer (a local installation - won't be on the Internet), and you can play around with the different features. You can show your colleagues a demo from your computer. 

Best wishes,


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