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Scorm popup window disappears behind the main page

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Scorm popup window disappears behind the main page

Some how, all of a sudden, we experience some weird behavior with scorms, and or scorm player popup windows.

Almost all of the time, when a user clicks a course, to open a scorm window, it will open, but the moment the content is loaded, the popup window behaves like a popunder

It disapperas behind te mainpage.


Anyone with simliar experiences?


Ive tested so far in moodle 241, 243

The scorm is created by ISM easyGenerator 8



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James Richardson
Re: Scorm popup window disappears behind the main page

Hello S Kosterman!

Sounds like the z-index for the CSS is not set correctly for the pop up. You will need to know some coding to fix the z-index of the pop up. If you don't know code you may want to have a developer look at it.

You can try fixing this by viewing the source code of the pop up and get the CSS Class or ID. Then Look in your CSS style sheet and find the code for the class or ID that has the z-index in it for the pop up box. You can set the z-index to a higher number (Like 10 or 20). This will position the pop up over the content instead of behind it. Hope this helps.

Best regards,

James R



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