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Ban certain e-mail addresses from account creation?

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Re: Ban certain e-mail addresses from account creation?

How about just letting the account get created and then disabling the account?  I believe Moodle will only allow one account to be associated with an email address, subsequent attempts to create new Moodle accounts using the same email address should not work.

I have a Moodle 2.2 with captcha enabled for email-based self-registration and still get spam accounts created every couple of hours on average.  I disable the accounts when I find them, most every day.  So this costs the spammers a captcha attempt that somebody would have had to do, but it seems there are no shortage of people somewhere to pass the captcha test.  At this point I assume that my captcha test is being repurposed by a spammer to have people falsely believe they may be unsubscribing from getting junk emails.

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