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Webdav repository and minisites

José Gregorio Díaz Unda
Webdav repository and minisites

Hi everyone.

A few days ago, I posted this message at "repository" forum with no answer. So I decided to try here.

After understand the new path decided by "Moodle core" developers and read a lot of complains about the file management in Moodle 2.X, I think there will be necessary to make "repository system" stronger and intelligent to handle "minisites" via Webdav at least, in other words, html contents with images, css, etc.

I read a message where Martin Dougiamas explains that MOODLE is no a "file repository", which is true. But the other true is that teachers are the main creators of learning materials and took advantages and motivation creating learning contents in HTML format.

So it would be great if WEBDAV allows to link "minisites" build from HTML contents.

After this explanation, here is my problem:

I have some troubles setting up a webdav repository to show "minisites".

The big purpose of this is to create a repository with a public and private area that will be accessed for several applications and one of those is Moodle. I want to keep centralized the maintenance of the content in one place.

Here we go.


I have a repository directory which has two subdirectories: public and private. The public directory is not a problem because it can be accessed by anyone. The private directory is handled by webdav configuration with Apache2.

From my MOODLE 2.4.1+ (Build: 20130222), I'm trying to show a popup window with content that comes from a directory located at webdav directory (private directory). I configured properly the webdav repository in Moodle and I can see the files in the file manager after selecting "My webdav repository".

The private webdav repository has several subdirectories, each directory is a "minisite" with a "index.html" file in it.

What I'm trying to do is show in a course with a popup window the contents of the minisite.

I have tried with this rersource's types, selecting the "index.html" file from the webdav repository:

1. Files: The result was the contents did not show properly the contents. I suppose because the "files plugin" does not find images, css, etc.

2. Folders: I can not select specifically a directory from the webdav. Like "Files" resource, a file must be selected and its not shown as a popup window. A workaround is upload a .zip file, uncompress it and select the "index.html" file as a "default file", but I do not want to uncompress files because content maintenance would be a hell and it will break the "repository spirit"

3. URL: When I select the "index.html" from the webdav repository, the "external URL" field does not show the complete URL to point the webdav repository. Apparently, its missing the "webdav variables" involved.

Any ideas about why URL plugin does not allow to point to a file located in a webdav repository?

Another approach to solve this?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Webdav repository and minisites

Jose', did you ever figure this out? We have just started to try this ourselves (using Webdav so we can run mini-sites (Captivate files).


Easy one place location where we can update non-SCORM Captivate tutorials (mini-sites). I tested Moodle's own file picker for how well it could handle an updated zip file and got the JSN string error that others are stuck on). Plus, we would have to remember what location is the real root file via aliases so that it wouldn't break courses if the activity the original one was in were deleted. Maybe I am misunderstanding how it all works in Moodle 2.9?

I tried File Repository method thinking it would behave like a normal CMS type of file system using FTP, but I cannot seem to get a real url to link to. When I try to link to it via the File Picker I get file cannot be found because it doesn't seem to be able to get to the next file in the mini-site after the one I select to link to. Moodle connects fine to images or single file resources, so I know it is configured correctly. 

Any help by anyone is much appreciated. The WebDav gives me hope, but seeing that you tried this route and it too hit a roadblock is discouraging.

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