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LAMS vs Moodle Lesson Activity

Mary Cooch
Re: LAMS vs Moodle Lesson Activity
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Hello there. An interesting question. LAMS isn't standard in Moodle as far as  I know (I remember seeing it there years and years ago and was told not to use it as  it didn't work) but I am always a fan of using standard Moodle modules, like the Lesson module, which don't need you to add anything extra. It will be good to hear from people with experience  in LAMS integration to see what they have to say.

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Re: LAMS vs Moodle Lesson Activity

Hi Mary, 

Seems no one is interested in this topic smile

However, I am trying to setup LAMS+Moodle and see how its different than moodle native lesson plan. Setup is complete and integration validation works but when I try to add a LAMS activity I get an exception which I have posted to lamscommunity. Let's see how it goes, I will keep you posted on my findings.

btw, you can find lams integration discussion in below thread.

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