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Importing Classes with Forums (2.2.3)

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Importing Classes with Forums (2.2.3)

Moodle Version 2.2.3 (Build 20120514)

I have an issue when it comes to importing classes with forums. A teacher will email me and ask me to import a class for them, but when I do, I noticed that if they already have a forum in which they, themselves, have posted in, it shows me as the person who posted. Does that make sense? I don't understand how to fix this. For now, I am backing up courses with forums and restoring them into the new courses. Anyone know a better way?

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James Richardson
Re: Importing Classes with Forums (2.2.3)

Hello Mandy!

Looks like the forums are retaining the user who imported the class. Try logging in your Moodle with the Teachers login credentials and then import the class.

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James R

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