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Integration round 2013-04-11 - betaplus, more than a beta

One poor developer...
Integration round 2013-04-11 - betaplus, more than a beta
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Cold numbers:

79 issues have been successfully integrated with 13 rejected and 2 delayed. That is 86% success, yay!


Already running the continuous period, until May 13th, were we'll be releasing the new Moodle 2.5 together with minor releases of current stable versions. Everything is continuous these days, fixing, integrating, testing, discussing... a really intense and funny period.

Also, a new QA cycle is about to begin, with Automated Tests taking the responsibility about to verify everything is working as expected. Human intervention will still be necessary, but aiming to get (near) 100% automated coverage for next releases.

Finally, a new goal has been reached this week, and current 2.5 beta+ is passing unit tests for all database drivers, first time ever. Indeed that will lead to better and more reliable testing (unit tests, integration, acceptance...). More coming...

Hot topics:

  • MDL-38541 - Upgrade problems using rebuild_course_cache().
  • MDL-38935 - Quiz auto save working for essay questions.
  • MDL-38973 - Reattempts on blind-marking assignments fixed.
  • MDL-38634 - Display multiple folder contents in course pages working.
  • And lots more in areas like tests, xmldb/database, assignments, questions, enrolments...

Warm thanks:

  • To Adrian Greeve , for his continuous effort in all sort of annoying and important issues. Great work!

Ciao all, stronk7 smile

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