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adding parent role

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Re: adding parent role

No, I didn't and that was the problem. Thank you for your quick reaction Mary.

Now I have the next problem. I have related a parent user to his 'child user' and I have added the mentees block on the start page of the parent. the parent sees the name of the child in that block. when I click on that user and I go to grades report. the report is empty but i have graded that account on an assignment in a course. I have double checked the permissions of that role.


do you know what I am doing wrong this time? smile

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Mary Cooch
Re: adding parent role
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Make sure you click on a course first before clicking the grades -click a blue link in the child's profile to get into a course and then look. There is a screencast here  - look from 2.50 at how he gets to see the gradebook 

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