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Integration round 2013-04-05 - MATURITY β

Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Integration round 2013-04-05 - MATURITY β
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Cold numbers:

88 issues have been successfully integrated with 15 rejected. That is 85% success, not bad considering its the last week of major changes in 2.5!


As planned, we have moved to MATURITY_BETA and with a very busy week of changes.

We now have two themes without parents. This means changes affecting CSS will need to be update in both /theme/base/ and /theme/boostrap (see MDL-38906 for more details).

Core now has around 1700 behat tests and now is the time to get familiar with behat, run the behat tests for the areas which you are working and write new tests for features you are creating. Over the next month and a bit our focus will be on creating the best quality release yet, bug fixing and polishing Moodle 2.5, please join us and help in this effort.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-38708 - Ability to add images and files to course listings
  • MDL-38016 - Boostrap base theme lands in core
  • MDL-35073 - Openbadges integration
  • MDL-38538 - Quiz server-side autosave
  • MDL-38509 - Add-ons intallation from within Moodle
  • MDL-38481 - various behat tests implementing QA test functionality
  • MDL-37009 - Course listings now output through a renderer

Warm thanks:

  • To Marina (Alexandrovna) Glancy, for all her work on improving courses for themes and format authors and for volunteering to maintain formslib. We miss you here in Perth (and so does formslib)!

Ciao! Dan

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