Integration, exposed

Integration round 2013-03-28 - Easter break

Integration round 2013-03-28 - Easter break

Cold numbers:

61 issues have been successfully integrated with 3 rejected and 4 delayed. That is 95% success, awesome! Notes: April 1 for code freeze for 2.5 (no it's not a joke!). Also remember - it's only a freeze for new features not bug fixes.

Hot topics:

MDL-25631 Course Import does not import Legacy Course Files (50 votes)
MDL-15727 Include jQuery library in Moodle core
MDL-37033 Decide Moodle 2.5 requirements and push them to environment.xml

And lots more in areas like acessibility, forms, renderers, javascript...

Warm thanks: To David Monllaó for his ongoing work on behat (it really is cool)

Dont eat too many chocolate eggs!

- Damyon

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