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Re: Assign Courses Exclusively for Mobile

In Moodle 2.x you can set 4 different Themes - from memory they are Standard, Legacy (for old browsers), Tablet, and Mobile.

So if you enable the Mobile Theme for mobile devices Moodle will detected this (based on the mobile browser info) and serve the course in the mobile friendly Theme format smile

If you course is designed carefully it will work OK on a mobile device as well as PC browser.

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Gareth J Barnard
Re: Assign Courses Exclusively for Mobile
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Dear Jim,

There is mobile detection code in 'moodlelib.php' so would be possible to change the code in some uniquie way.  But to be honest the best thing is to work out what is wrong with the mobile theme such that it does not display the course properly as it does on a desktop so that you are not managing two versions of the same course for what is essentially a display issue.



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