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Transparent Background

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Transparent Background

Hi everyone,

We'd like to customize our Moodle to make it look more like our website.

We've added our logo, fonts, colours and even our primary imagery to the background of the page. The only trouble is the main body of the html sits on top of the background image. We've managed to make the background colour of the mainbody of the page 50% transparent, however it has also made all of our text transparent as well.

Is there some way anybody knows of that we can maintain the transparent background whilst making the text a solid colour?

Many thanks in advance!

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Gareth J Barnard
Re: Transparent Background
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Dear Hannah,

Your best bet is to make a specific post in the Themes forum -> with a screen shot of the issue, name of theme you've adapted and Moodle version.



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Re: Transparent Background

Hello Hannah

You need to make the background image to be transparent by editing in photoshop, not the background color. More you can refer this link for editing in CSS

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