Grade item not added into total

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Grade item not added into total

Hi all

We are using 1.9.6

I have an a custom grade scale to allow points up to 200. I have one assignment that is using this custom scale that when any grade is assigned to that assignment, the score has no impact on the student grade. It is is like it is being excluded for some reason.


On the categories and items tab of the gradebook I see nothing unusual about that assignment, with the following exception: In the max grade column for that assignment is lists the max grade as 200 (201)


If I change the assignment to use the standard 100 point scale and then assign a score, there is still no change in the students total grade.


Any ideas as to what might be causing this single assignment to not be included in the total?



If I change other assignment grades, the total student grade changes as expected

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Re: Grade item not added into total
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Hi Tiffany -- in 1.9 there's an admin setting for whether you want to include scales in aggregations.  If its turned off its off for the entire site.  Site administration block->Grades->General settings.

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Re: Grade item not added into total

That did the trick! Thanks so much Bob!