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502 Bad Gateway - clicking upload users

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Re: 502 Bad Gateway - clicking upload users

BTW -today the error message changed from "502 bad gateway" to "Page cannot be displayed"  The files are there though - I just downloaded them via FTP.

The hosting company said i should check the log files in /var/httpd

Maybe that will show what files were changed...

If anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear them!  I'll keep documenting progress here.


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Re: 502 Bad Gateway - clicking upload users
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Couple more things ... have you tried a different browser? (although the bad gateway error isn't tied to a browser and can happen to any browser/any OS).

Mind disclosing who the hosting provider is?

Have any addons or using authentication methods that would require talking to another server when it comes to users?  LDAP?

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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