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Problems installing moodle in web server

Re: Problems installing moodle in web server

Hi, Richard. I am so glad you answered me back. I have no experience in doing that kind of things. So I really would like you to help me doing these things you have mentioned before. For example: 

1 - How can I enter the database user and password in my config.php file?

2 - I am sending a screen shot of my database user.


Please, check it out and see what you can do for me. 


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Re: Problems installing moodle in web server
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Looks like you have created the database and the user, hopefully you gave this user (u557442447_242a password which you remember also.  You can use the bottom dialog to reset the password for this user (242) if neccessary. 

Now, you have to find the file called config-dist.php in your moodle folder. make a copy of that file called config.php.  Edit config.php and supply the information needed - database type (mysqli), username, password (from the screen above).

$CFG->dbtype = 'mysqli'; // 'pgsql', 'mysqli', 'mssql', 'sqlsrv' or 'oci'
$CFG->dblibrary = 'native'; // 'native' only at the moment  do not change
$CFG->dbhost = 'localhost'; // eg 'localhost' or '' or IP do not change
$CFG->dbname = 'u557442447_moodle'; // database name, eg moodle 
$CFG->dbuser = 'u557442447_242'; // your database username
$CFG->dbpass = 'password'; // your database user password - 242's password) 
$CFG->prefix = 'mdl_'; // prefix to use for all table names do not change

While you are there, also change the lines

$CFG->wwwroot = '';  // your website address with /moodle on the end


$CFG->dataroot = '/home/example/moodledata';  // probably '/home/u557442447/moodledata'

to the website and location of datafiles on your system.  

You need to create the moodledata folder on your local installation - you can do it at the same level as public_html.  The web root is your public_html folder.  

Be careful with the quotes and the semi-colons.

If these instructions are still not understandable, perhaps consider asking someone local who has some knowledge of websites and databases to help you with it.

Good luck.


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Re: Problems installing moodle in web server
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Osmildo, witht he advice that you have received, you might be fine now.  However, if you are still having problems, might I ask you how you have tried installing Moodle?  For example, are you using a one-click install routine from your web hosting company, or are you installing Moodle from scratch yourself?  Also, who might your web hosting company be, and is this a "hosted" server or a VPS?

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