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“Connection timed out – please try again” --> need help resolving

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Re: “Connection timed out – please try again” --> need help resolving
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Don't host on Rackspace but do assist some entities that do.  They have a dedicated host.  Does Summit University have dedicated or shared hosting package?

Rackspace article  is not incorrect, but didn't see if their solutions/recommendations were attempting to address shared server customer issues.  Surely they allow even shared hosted customers to do tweaks to php but in a limited fashion of course.

But, the article did say this (and provided links):

  • It’s also a possibility that the script simply uses a heavy amount of resources.  If this is a PHP site, you may need to increase the memory limit to something more appropriate for your site.  For more information, you can read our Knowledge Center article on Changing the PHP Memory Limit Value.
  • If you’re not familiar with using an .htaccess file, you may take a look at these resources for using the .htaccess file.

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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Re: “Connection timed out – please try again” --> need help resolving

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the ideas!  We're on a shared hosting cloud site through Rackspace.  I did try increasing the PHP value to a very high number, but it didn't work.  I still saw the server time out error.  I'm not really a PHP programmer and very new to server admin, so if you have any other ideas, I'd be very happy to hear them!


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