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Re: Improving the quiz settings page
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Hello Tim,

thanks for advice to this discussion. We are very happy about the collapsed sections in activity settings pages in 2.5. Yesterday we made a general check about this for all activities and found that some terms in section names are confusing. We made the check mainly to change German  language pack.

The names of sections are the main orientation for teachers to select  a section for settings. So the naming has to be very clear and the diffferences between the names have to make a difference. Even for non-native english speaking teachers  or teachers that are beginning to use Moodle. Problem in quiz is 'Display' and 'Layout'.

But more generally.

I liked very much the concept in quiz module settings page to hide settings as advanved for teachers. My suggestion is sinsce long time to add this consequent to all activties. Some of the settings are very seldom used and should be hidden (advanced setting) normally. The quiz usage concepts in institutions are very different and I would opt for all solutions that admins can define default settings and hide each and every setting as advanced that is not a mandatory setting per instance like title and description for quiz.

The idea is

  • reduce complexity to a minimum. Quizzes are complex by definition and teacher should concentrate to the main aspects.
  • reduce number of sections and rename them
  • make use of standard settings as quick as possible for teachers. Define titele and description and go to the question editing process
  • give access to additional basic settings if required by opening sections
  • give access to advanced settings if required by clicking to 'more' link
  • disable some settings fully if required by hiding 'more'/'less' link through CSS definition in design (invisible)

The problem generally is that we can't predefine which setting is part of a standard configuration for a quiz, which is basic and which is advanced. Specially for quizzes we've seen lots of different concepts in institutions: secondary schools different than vocational schools than universities than corporate.

My suggestion now:

  1. Go forward with adding default settings for all features in quiz module in plugin settings
  2. Same for advanced settings.
  3. Hide advanced setting in sections behind 'more' link.
  4. Show only Title and Description in standard view  for activity instance settings in courses.
  5. Re-sort order of sections and settings to sections
  6. Check if all titles of sections are seperate and can be renamed individually by language strings.
  7. Add help information to all sections

Some suggestions

  • new order of section by teacher workflow process and user process through quiz
    Quiz Access -> Question presenttaion -> Grade and Feedback
  • Reduce number of sections. No section with less than three settings. Otherwise it makes no sense to use more/less definition.
    • Rename Timing to 'Quiz access'
    • Add settings from 'Extra restrictions ...' to 'Quiz access'. Delete section 'extra restrictions'. Extra settings can be defined as advanced.
    • Add Review options and General Feedback settings to Grade section. Grade section is a default setting for graded activities. So it makes sense to collect all grade related settings here.
      Alternative: Add 'Decimal places in grades' and 'Decimal places in question grades' to 'grade'-section. Leave Review options as seperate section.
    • Add 'show users picture' from display to 'Layout' section. Elimate 'Display' section
    • Add overall feedback to 'Review options' or 'Grade' section.
    • Move 'Shuffle within question' and 'How question behave'to 'Layout'. Rename layout to 'Question presentation' or something similar.

Suggestion for renaming of sections. We found that section titles with two or three words gives better orientation than one word titles.



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Re: Improving the quiz settings page
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Agree with Ralf: Make Display and Layout into one unique section.


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