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Core developers

I am sorry you feel that our suggested improvements are a denial of service attack. It is not our intention, our intention is to be a good open source community member and improve Moodle for all.

The activity grader has been fully baked, we have had clients using it for 1.5 years and have modified it and updated it in several ways based on their input. It is our opinion that it is to the point where the only positive progression forward is the inclusion of more activities within it. When it comes to inclusion of more activities we have 2 options:

1. Continue how we have and hack parts of core Moodle to add activity support and maintain these hacks as the core activities are modified.

2. Ask that Moodle and the community to consider the inclusion of an activity grading interface and work with the community towards consolidating activity grading.

We could release this interface to the community via the plugins but then that would require community members to maintain core hacks. We want to be good citizens and so we try to stay away from releasing features that require core modifications.

On your point about commenting on other's specifications, I believe we have participated in many ways. I have commented on several of the tickets in the tracker on requested features, we have provided accessibility feedback on several tickets and our developers have reviewed several specifications for suggested features. If there is something specific you would like comments on I would be happy to review it and give feedback.

There is nothing about this specification that requires it be in Moodle 2.6, we would definitely think the community would benefit most if it was in 2.6. The interface already works, as I said it has been used for 1.5 years. We can demo it now, in fact anyone can test it out on our public demo site at http://demo2k12.moodlerooms.com/. We plan to complete the lions share of the work that needs to be done to complete the inclusion into core.

We are more than happy maintaining it as a proprietary feature of our product or considering its release as a plugin that requires core modifications and updates with each Moodle release. The reactions to the interface we have received at Moots, from prospects, and our clients though pushed us to request that the feature be added to Moodle and not released as a plugin.

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Re: Activity Grading Interface

Jason, and MoodleRooms,

Thank you for developing and offering your Activity Grading Interface to the Moodle core. It looks great and I'm excited to see it included in some future version of Moodle.



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