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Modifying the Social course format

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Modifying the Social course format


I'm working on setting up a Moodle site where we'll be making use of the Social course format.

I'd like the course home page to display the Recent Activity page. 

Rather than modify the code for the Social Course Format, I've made a new course format by copying social one as per So far so good.

Now I just need to modify the format.php file so that it does what recent.php does. I tried just copying the code in there but it just gave me a coding error detected message.

Any help would great. Thanks


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Gareth J Barnard
Re: Modifying the Social course format
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Dear Stephen,

What is the specific error and what code did you copy?

Also this is really 'course format development' and not 'installation help' should be in the course format's forum.  Moderator please move.



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