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Drop down menus within a Page resource

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Drop down menus within a Page resource

Is it possible to insert some code into the HTML edit of a Page resource that will provide drop down menus that link to other Page resources within a course? As a teacher who is not an Administrator, I can't edit the theme but I have created a class Page within my Course where I can display all the 'stuff' related to my course. I have done it this way mainly so I can edit the look of my page without being too restricted by the school moodle theme. If I put all the things I want to have available to students on one page then the page will become a scroll-fest and it will become unwieldy. So, one solution I have thought of would be to use a drop down menu bar at the top of the page with links to various things I want to have available: Topics --> Lesson list, Topics --> Assessment tasks, News --> Topic Areas, News --> General etc. 

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Drop down menus within a Page resource
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When I want to play with the html, I go to a html tutorial website and look around. There are a bunch out there.  This link has a dropdown example.  I always work in a new page with no other content on it when experimenting, so I don't lose my other work.

Personally, I like using tables with links in them for organizing my courses.  That's another option.

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