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IE9 Quirks Mode

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IE9 Quirks Mode

Hello all:  We have been struggling with the IE and going into Quirks mode for almost a year now.  This week we upgraded our site to 2.4.2 as this was supposed to fix this issue.  Everything upgraded nicely and there are some great new features! woo hoo!  However, the pages still appear in Quirks mode and we cannot figure out how to adjust it not to.  I have read several threads on here -- the entry in the header is no longer necessary because of the 2.4.2, However the problem still exists.

Sorry if this is an easy fix... this has us stumped....Any help/suggestions would be great.

our site is at...


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James Richardson
Re: IE9 Quirks Mode

Hello Joe!

Have you tried adding the following meta tag to yoru head section of the theme?

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1" />

You will need to edit the theme/afterburner/layout/default.php (This is for the afterburner theme. You will need to find your themes layout file.). This should prevent IE9 from going into Quirks Mode.

James R

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