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Everything all screwed up after upgrade

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Re: Everything all screwed up after upgrade


Prior to the upgrade did your hosting company make a full backup of your moodle 1.9.x database before they upgraded it? A .sql file if you will.

Frank is correct is that there a number of issues that need to checked prior to an upgrade and it won't do justice to discuss them on just this thread. Things like database schema, inconsistent records, etc.


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Re: Everything all screwed up after upgrade

Hi Lawrence, and thanks for your reply.

The upgrade script did prompt me to make a backup, which I did, but whether it includes the sql, I'm not sure.

Is there a way to go back to version 1.9, and do it in stages as has been suggested?

I am a newbie to all of this, so you may have to spell it out for me, I"m afraid.



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