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Nanogong - Moodle 2.4.1 "Failed to Initialize Recorder"

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Re: Nanogong - Moodle 2.4.1 "Failed to Initialize Recorder"
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Hi Russ,

In the past, I used to have a lot of problems with Nanogong "failed to initialize recorder" messages when giving quizzes with Nanogong audio in them. It was occasionally due to Java not being up-to-date, but the main cause, and it took me a while to realize it, was that my server could not handle the number of concurrent users that I had and we were getting a lot of time-out errors, which led to the "failed to initialize recorder" messages. Once I replaced my "old-in-years (7) and old-in-technology (single core cpu)" server, the only time I've had a Nanogong "failed to initialize recorder" message, is when Java needed updating and it needed to be re-enabled.

Hope this helps and you find your problem soon,



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Re: Nanogong - Moodle 2.4.1 "Failed to Initialize Recorder"

Hi Al,

That is really helpful and syncs with our situation. We have confirmed that out of date Java installs on the client end can cause a problem and the unpredictable errors being related to server overload makes sense as we are on a fairly old server temporarily. This will motivate a speedy transfer to the new server.

Thank you very much for the info and help,


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