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Activity Grading Interface

Activity Grading Interface
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Moodlerooms is proposing the inclusion of a new grading interface, currently titled activity grading interface (to be renamed).  The specification for the interface can be found at

The specification is based off of our currently working feature Joule Grader. You can see demonstrations of Joule grader in the following YouTube videos:

While this funcitonality exists in our product we would like to make it part of Moodle as a whole. The reason for this is to provide a more cohesive integration and better maintenance as Moodle features like Assignment continue to change. We also want to release this so that our community contributed advanced forums plugin will have all of the features we intended it to have.

I would love to hear any feedback, comments and recommended changes to the currently proposed functionality. While the functionality exists currently we beleive it can always get better.

We also have a technical specification for how we propose the API to work for other Moodle plugins to follow.

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Re: Activity Grading Interface
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I saw this demonstrated at MoodleMoot in Dublin and loved it, as did my colleagues. The Gradebook UI is a major bone of contention for our users. I'd love to see it in core.

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