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Best Practice with CRON

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Re: Best Practice with CRON


Like Ken, I am confused too by your question.

Are you stating that your automated backups are not running?

In your course backup admin area, what are your settings for: day of backups (checkboxes) and what time should they occur (drop down selection)?

What time does your cron run?

Let's start with this.

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Odg: Re: Best Practice with CRON


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I to had an automated backup set in Moodle 2.4.2 interface and cron.php set to run every 30 min on my windows 2008 server, choosing backup to run every Friday 04:00 in the Moodle interface. But all the courses were skipped. So I run admin/cron.php in browser manually and other jobs run fine, but automated backup was skipped for all courses again. (Was it because it was not jet Friday 04:00?)

But then I run the automated_backup.php in the command prompt of the server and everything went fine. So I created another scheduled job on windowt that runs cli\automated_backup.php every Firday at 04:00 and set automated backups to manual in the moodle interface.

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