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Moodle Mobile Beta is available !

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Moodle Mobile Beta is available !

We are pleased to introduce the Beta version of the new official cross-platform Moodle Mobile app!

Our Moodle Mobile app is a HTML5-based client that connects to an installed Moodle server. It does not try to replicate everything that Moodle does - we are focussed on providing features that are most useful on a standalone app, such as offline access to content, messaging and notifications.

Please try the new features (and bugs!) and give us feedback on how you would like the app to develop in future. The app may be a little rough around the edges, but we’ll be pushing out bug fixes frequently.


1.2 roadmap - April
View current progress
1.2 is the initial port of our IOS native app. The version number ended at 1.1. We continue from there.

1.3 roadmap - June
View 1.3 progress
For 1.3 we’ll continue polishing and fixing issues.

1.4 roadmap - August
View 1.4+ progress
Starting from 1.4 we’ll add one feature per version. It’s most likely going to be the push notifications for 1.4.

We’ll stand on a 2 month period for release but we may be faster depending of the development speed. In the Agile progress dashboard you’ll be able to visualize the issues for the next version, the version after it, and a backlog of issue for further version.

Supported devices
All versions can be downloaded from Phonegap Build

Limited to registered QA testers - if you don’t mind to report issue on the tracker you can integrate the iOS QA team. Send us an email to

Also available on Google Play store.

Windows 7 / WebOS / Symbian
These version are available but are not tested, neither even supported by HQ.

Note that we currently don’t have any plan to support other OS than Android and iOS. If you are experienced in HTML5 Mobile development and are serious about long term maintenance of a different OS, I’ll assign you the related issues with a big smile of happiness. Contact me at

The app will be useless unless these conditions are satisfied:

1) Your Moodle site must have Moodle 2.4 MINIMUM.
2) Your administrator must have activated Mobile web services.
3) You have a valid user account for that site.

If you don't have access to a Moodle site for testing you can try our demo site using a little shortcut we added. Type student or teacher in the url and then the Go button. The app will automatically connect to School Demo. (this doesn’t work yet in the Google Play version)

Bugs and requests
Main page
View current progress


This is a Beta version, we do not recommend it for use on production sites (even though the chances of anything going wrong are really extremely low ;) )



Juan Leyva
Architecture design, coding, documentation, debugging tools.
Barbara Ramiro
Original graphic design.
Jerome Mouneyrac
Project management, testing, releases.
Martin Dougiamas
Supervising, testing, feedback, editing, prodding.

Development community
This app has been designed to be used and tweaked by users such as universities, schools, and companies.   We hope to build a development community around the Moodle Mobile app to help it develop faster.  We expect the structure to be fully stable by July, and we’ll make an announcement at that time, so that developers can create derivative projects with a lower risk of refactors in the standard version.

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