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Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth Spam-Protection Level Raised
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As a many of you have noticed, this weekend we seem to be under attack from a sustained influx of spammers. In order to try and reduce this, I have raised the 'security level' on one of's spam protection systems (cloudflare).

Unfortunately, we've found that in the past that this can sometimes cause 'false positives' intercepting non-spammers.

Please accept my apologies if this happens to you, and if you can report any problems on MDLSITE-2140. We'll hope to resolve it.

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Re: Spam-Protection Level Raised
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After another weekend where the spammers were once again out in force, Dan has further raised the cloudflare security level. If you encounter any problems, please use MDLSITE-2140 to report them. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Edited to add: Oops, posted too soon! We've had to revert the cloudflare security level for reasons stated in the tracker issue.

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Re: Spam-Protection Level Raised
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Hi all,

As I was posting to the General Developer forum just now I got the following screens and then was ousted out of Is this part of the "raised Spam-protection level"?


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Re: Spam-Protection Level Raised

Hi Joseph,

I have just had this happen to me as well when trying to post in the 'General Help' Forum.  Looks like the Spam filter has been set a bit too high and is very anoying as after I got the 502 error not only did my post not get posted but it also lost it meaning that I've now got to go back and re-write it which considering it was quite a long post has resulted in my slight annoyance.

I understand the problem the Moodle community is currently having with spammers blighting us but IMHO this new protection layer is not suitable and is going to put people off posting if they have to go through it every time and then end up looseing their posts becasue of 502 errors!!

P.S. I'm making sure I copy this post before attempting to sumbit it incase it gets lost again wink

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Re: Spam-Protection Level Raised
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I just had one of those cloudflare captchas sad

Would it be nice to be able to pop around to the spammers houses and explain in detail the error of their ways.

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Re: Spam-Protection Level Raised
Moodle HQ

Has anyone been having major issues with this lately? I did make a change earlier that reduced the sensitivity while still trying to flush out the majority of spammyness

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