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Structure Video Lectures with jump marks

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Re: Structure Video Lectures with jump marks

Depends on the player you are using to reproduce this. Youtube videos usually make URLs on specific timeline, however most players doesnt have this.

Soundcloud also have some of these features.

I would suggest to look for this feature on a player, so to answer your question this features relies on the media player, not on the HTML. Moodle only go as far as the HTML allows it.

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Re: Structure Video Lectures with jump marks

Hi Alexandro,


thank you for your answer, this is pretty much, what I guessed as well. When I am uploading a video for example, moodle is starting it with an own applet as well. I was just wondering, if I could somehow deliver parameters to that applet via a link or something to force it to start playing at a different point. But I guess I have to look for other solutions.



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