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Files missing in moodledata

James Richardson
Re: Files missing in moodledata

Hello Lluco!

You can try checking your error logs to see if you can get the file name and the path to the file location that is missing. See Moodle link below.

If you can get the path where the image is supposed to be, you can upload an image with the same name to that folder on the server to get the spreadsheet working again. Hopefully its not alot of images that are missing.

Best Regards,

James R



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Re: Files missing in moodledata

Thanks for your reply, I found that duplicating the page or activity gave me then the opportunity to edit the new item. I am them able to replace the missing files and delete the old item.


Sloppy, time consuming, but effective. smile

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Re: Files missing in moodledata
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Thanks for posting back.  The workaround is useful - yes, not 'clean' not sleek, but when in a pinch, good to know/try!  And if anyone gets into a similar situation, hope your workaround is found!

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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