Hide the catagory totals and final course grade

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Hide the catagory totals and final course grade

Greetings!  I set up my gradebook to handle weighted categories (i.e. Exams=50%; Essays=30%;  Participation=20%).  My issue is that the students tend to panic (or at least their morale is lowered) when they see an F grade in both the category totals columns and the final grade field.  (Of course, this is just because they haven't completed many of the assignments yet, but still, an F is shocking to many students... ;))  I realize that I can turn on the "Aggregate only non-empty grades," but I've found that this, too, is unreliable because for students who don't submit all (or most) of their coursework yet have achieved high grades on the coursework they did complete shows totals that are obviously much too high.  I could enter 0 as the grade for those who didn't submit, but, unless there's a way to do this "in bulk," that would drive both my TAs and I crazy!  ;)  One other point:  I've tried "hiding" some of the "total category" fields, but this seems to effect the entire view-state of the student's grade report such that they don't see any of the grades - I haven't had much luck with "hiding" things....

Thanks very much!

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Re: Hide the catagory totals and final course grade

What version are you using?

Tested in a 2.3 environment and it worked fine when I was in Categories & Items and selected the Show/Hide icon next to the course total; hid the total but not any individual grade items.

I remember in 1.9 it was a multi-step process as it was a workaround.

  1. In gradebook, select My Preferences tab. If needed, change Show show/hide icons to Yes.
  2. Go to Categories & Items and select the Hide icon to the right of the course total at the very bootom. The open eyeball icon will turn to a closed eyeball icon.
  3. Go to the Grader Report and turn editing on.
  4. Select the closed eyeball icon next to the name of the course at the top of the screen. The closed eyeball icon will turn to an open icon. DO NOT select the course total icon on this screen.

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