Accepting Late assignments/quizzes

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Accepting Late assignments/quizzes

Hi, I teach in a highschool. I use "quizzes" to make online assignments, which automatically grade, and give feedback to the students. After the assignment is due, I go in and enter 0 for the grade, and NHI (not handed in) as a comment on each student who did not attempt it. 

We are required to accept late work in my school, so the student sees in his grades that he has a 0 for a particular assignment, and then does the assignment online and gets 18/20 for example.

My problem is that the online grade does not overwrite the manually entered 0. Is this just a setting that I can make?

My assignments allow 3 attempts and the highest mark counts. When I enter 0 and NHI, could that count as one of the attempts?

If the student does the attempt later, can it overwrite the 0, but keep the NHI comment?



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Re: Accepting Late assignments/quizzes
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Once you have manually overridden a grade it cannot be updated until you uncheck the overridden checkbox on the edit grade page (click on the pencil icon by the specific grade).  Once you uncheck this, it will now accept grades from the assignment/quiz.

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Re: Accepting Late assignments/quizzes

Thanks, that works!