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Setting up the Mysql part

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Setting up the Mysql part

I am still a novice at this.

So, when you are doing the Configuring Mysql part you create a data base

create database moodledb;

Then create a user for Moodle

Create user 'moodle_user'@'localhost identified by 'password1';


If your Mysql is on a seperate machine from moodle its self do you change the localhost part to the IP of the machine hosting Moodle?

(Windows08 server, IIS7)

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Re: Setting up the Mysql part
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You do not necessarily have to create a database, not with Windows - but given that you are using a separate machine, then yes it is probably a better strategy. As such, you cannot use "localhost" because the other machine is not local to IIS so you are definitely on the right track.

BTW, the fact you are a novice and giving this a go shows a boldness in your approach, good luck and I really hope you get it working like you want it to. I also hope you are documenting every step, because that is the sort of information a lot of people can use - if you care to share your experience via Moodle Docs.    

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