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Turn on restoredaccountinfo for all users

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Turn on restoredaccountinfo for all users

I'm looking to turn on the restoredaccountinfo field for all users in a Moodle. This site used to be behind a corporate site that wasn authenticating users with SAML. That is now gone so nobody's passwords work any more direct in Moodle. I've changed the "auth" field in mdl_user to manual.

I want to avoid user frustration with multiple login failures, and possible exceeded login attempts and just force the restoredaccountinfo option that triggers the restored account message This account was imported from another server and the password has been lost. To set a new password by email, please click "Continue".

I also tried the force password reset bulk user action that relies on the user logging in first.

Maybe there's a better option How can I trigger a password reset by email for everyone that is triggered by their login attempt, without them knowing what their password is to start with?

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