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Problem student has to reset password each time

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Problem student has to reset password each time


When a student accounts with a password, after the 1st login the students cannot access the account again. It is like the password is lost because it has to be reset each time to be accessed.

Is the problem the technical requirements of the student's PC? We are working with Moodle 1.9.12+

What are the requirements of a student's PC?

Or, what can be the problem?? In the course the other students have fno problem to log in.

Hope you can help me!


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James Richardson
Re: Problem student has to reset password each time

Hello H Harris!

Usually when a single person has a problem that no one else has, its due to browser caching. They may have old web information cached in their browser that messes up their login. Have them try clearing all their browser cache amd see if the behavior goes away. Here is link to how they can clear their cache in case they don't know how.

How to clear your browser's cache

If that does not fix it, have them make sure their password does not contain a wierd symbol in it. Some symbols can convert to a different character when hashed in the database. Have them try a pssword with simple characters.

There is nothing on their pc that is required for the Moodle to function. Its purely a client side issue and not server side related problem.

Best Regards,

James R


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