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My first steps in moodle, admin problems

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My first steps in moodle, admin problems

Hi to the community

                                  I've just installed moodle, just for fun, and get some experience with this.

Mi problem is that my admin user don't have all the privelegies that I expected, sure I'm wrong in something, but I can figure in what. The admin user can't do the following:

1.- In the navigation bar, can't use the options "página de mi sitios" and "Mi perfil"

2.- In the ajustmen bar, can't use the options "usuarios", "Ajustes de mi perfil",  "Administración del sitio"

I have the same problem with two moodle version, Moodle 2.4.1+ and the Moodle 2.3.4

I installed in a server but i don't have access fully, but the install is completed and I can create a curse. My server supplier only give me fully access to a single data base and just one user off that database (I ussed this user in the moodle instalation), I don´t think that that is a problem, because, all the databases was created by the moodle instalation, and I can create a curse and I see it in the data base. 

I tried to see any options directly in the database, but I see all normal, I have two users the admin is id=2

I tried to use the adminfix.php but it dosen't works

Thanks a lot I hope your help


pd.: Sorry about my english!





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