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Playing video inside Moodle 2.0

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Re: Playing video inside Moodle 2.0

Thanks Justin.

I think that I'll ask my students to make sure that they download quicktime until we get a plugin that plays all m4v files, since I have 200+ videos on my courses. It would be a big job converting all of them!  

Thanks for all your help anyway.

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Matt Bury
Re: Playing video inside Moodle 2.0
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Hi Anthony,

There's probably no need to recode the videos. Just try renaming the file extensions, e.g. change myvideo.m4v to myvideo.mp4. It should work without any problems.

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Re: Playing video inside Moodle 2.0
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Hi Anthony,

If you do decide to convert the videos, check out Any Video Converter. It is available for any version of Windows as well as having a Mac version. Version 5 was just realeased a few days ago. It comes in a free version that will let you setup a bunch of videos at one time for un-attended conversion. It will let you convert to almost any format for phones, tablets, and computers.

Hope this helps,


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