Your opinion - Wording of new settings

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Your opinion - Wording of new settings

I'm finishing up adding a couple of new options for quiz completion. I'd like to get the wording in the interface just right, so that other people can tell what the new items do, without being too wordy.

The first is exactly like the completion condition for SCORM, were you can have it marked complete when the user gets a certain grade (perhaps after a number of attempts).  Is there better wording than adapting what SCORM uses?:

label: Require minimum score
help text: Enabling this setting will require a user to have at least the minimum score entered to be marked complete in this quiz.


The second would let you mark it complete when they've used up all of their available attempts.  Can you help me come up with wording better than this?:


label: Attempts exhausted

long form: Student attempted the maximum number of times

help text: Mark quiz complete when the student has exhausted the maximum number of attempts

Perhaps instead use "All available attempts completed'"?


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Re: Your opinion - Wording of new settings
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The tracker issue related to this is MDL-37993. I think Ray thought he had a simple improvement to contribute, just adding some functionality that already worked in SCORM to the quiz module, and I am now being a perfectionist, and demanding that we do things better, before I accept this code. However, I would like to get this right, so any insight you can give us would be appreciated.

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