Sharing Cart - Random Problems

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Sharing Cart - Random Problems


We are using Moodle 2.2 and are experiencing problems with the Sharing Cart.  We have checked that we have the latest version installed.

We cannot get to the bottom of it as the problems are seemingly random and effect different users at different times.

We have also tried Firefox. Internet Explorer and Chrome - so don't think it's browser related.

Items seem to copy over to the Cart OK - but when it's not working - things will not copy back onto a Course.  After clicking the icon - the placement boxes don't appear on the course page to choose where to put it.  Nothing at all seems to happen.

Also, we cannot delete items we have added into the cart - when you click the delete icon - again, nothing happens (you don't get the confirmation box)

However, it is not all the time - it can work perfectly in the morning, then stop in the afternoon of the same day (but not for everyone trying to use it)

Has anyone else experienced this?  Or know of any external factors that might be causing the problem e.g. is there a limit of number of items you can copy in a day? Are the items too large? 

Although, it doesn't even work when you are trying to move a text  label or URL - so they are tiny size-wise.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

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