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Disable right paste option inside html editor

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Disable right paste option inside html editor

I want to disable paste option in html editor in all ways, like user should not found paste icon in html editor, they should not do right click paste option and they should not be able to do cntrl+v to paste any thing.

We need to block all these in our moodle 1.9 (wysiwyg html editor).


Kindly help us to do the same..



Note : We have tried to add some textarea events to disable this. but javascript is not working or added with this html editors. but its working for other form fields like text box and all.. But its not working in html editor.


Kindly guide us to do the same.


Thanks in advance..


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Joxemi Andonegi
Re: Disable right paste option inside html editor
TinyMCE has a plugin responsible of contextual menus (don't remember the exact name of the folder, something like ..../plugins/context You could modify that file and comment the lines responsible of paste menu
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