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Spammers Using Self Registration

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Re: Spammers Using Self Registration
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Thanks for your ideas, and refernce to MDL-39503.

What I really meant to say in my previous post is that in Site Administration|Users|Accounts|Bulk Actions, there should be a filter for "Users that are not in any course after xx days"

Once again, what I (and others) am finding is that with self-enrollment features (even Captcha), these (sophisticated ) spamming systems are able to create users.  In my Moodle, every course requires an enrollment key, so these spammers have not figured out how to actually get into a course.  Moodle doesn't provide any way to easily delete "students not in any course".

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Re: Spammers Using Self Registration

Exact same situation here.  Lots of email self-registration fake accounts but no enrollments because of enrollment keys.  Having another filter for those accounts would be great.  I've up-voted MDL-19190.

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