Forum is created, but students cannot make comments.

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Re: Forum is created, but students cannot make comments.

No worries, Danny - don't feel stupid, you'll be a pro with Moodle in no time at all!

Mary has a good suggestion about the possibility that you may have accidentally "docked" your settings block. From the student perspective, the Settings block is on the right side in your Volcano course:


"Docking" and "minmizing" are user-specific (tied to a user's profile). This means that if I, as a student, dock or minimize the Settings block, it doesn't affect your choice/settings or any other student.

But, since a student can't usually move a block to a new location in a course site, I'd venture to suggest that, if you haven't docked your Settings block, it might be sitting in the right-hand column as it is in the image above.

But, hey, kudos are in order! I see you've successfully added a forum to which the student can reply!

Woo-hoo! big grin

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Re: Forum is created, but students cannot make comments.

Mike & Mary:  Many thanks to you and Mary for your patience and help. What I noticed is that I did not have a Setting block displayed so I added one. Upon going into a course, I turned the Editing On, followed by adding a Setting block. From there I selected Edit Course Settings, and under the Groups section, Group Mode,  I selected No Groups and saved. I never did see a Forums Administration option (I am still using Moodle version 2.1), so I do not know if it resides somewhere else in the ether. 

Although this question may not be appropriate for this forum, I am going to ask you, how to disable a student user from changing or editing their user account and password? We are using the student account to enable an open admission to the courses since they were funded by NASA, and educational materials developed by government agencies should be public domain. It follows, we may not even be using the best user account for this purpose.



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