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Re: Font Size in LaTex

I don't think this is a TeX problem because some TeX is working, and for the most part it is a workring or not situation unless specific codes are being stripped by Moodle (and that behavior can be modified) or unless there is an artificact in the relation between the filter and a module (as we see in the appearance of TeX in the MC quiz type.)

Frankly AL suggests a test;  zip up your lesson, Chris, and post it to the forum where AL can download and compare on a Moodle where it the same seems to be working.  If it works for AL, then Chris needs to check his parsing of the text to see if something is geting stripped,  or possibly adding the library that AL suggests.  If it does not work,  then either there is something untoward in Chris' TeX, the problem is a subset (as in the Tex won't work in drop downs, as opposed to the text portion of the lesson, a demo of which was not included in AL frame shot), AL has turned off the Moodle filtering of certain combinations that is causing the issue for Chris, or the library is causing the problem (and as I noted,  I doubt the last possibility,  but who knows.)

Re MathJax,  you might want to spend a little time after doing the step Mauno pointed you to so as to become familiar with the various tokens you may want to use and how they work.  There are a numbr of different defailt configurations that you can invoke (for example, you can also invoke ASCIIMath) and a variety of different ways you can set your tokens.  You could in fact leave your TeX filter on to address legacy TeX and then implement new tokens for MathJax, this will increase your overhead a little but also mean that you can standardize on new MathJax Tokens,  while requesting that teachers examine their legacy TeX to determine if it will run under MathJax

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